Meet our Teachers!


Mrs. Julie Jahp

Julie's passion for learning and teaching has been a lifelong endeavor. Her undergraduate degree and master’s program focused on early childhood education. She taught 16 years at a preschool in Lake Forest, Illinois, before moving to Utah 8 years ago. Between 2012 and 2019, she worked as the Director of Deer Valley Academy and Supervisor of Deer Valley Children’s Center.


As an educator and parent of six children, Julie appreciates the PCCP philosophy of parents and teachers working together to provide a nurturing environment and close-knit school community. Each day and throughout the year, her goal is to create a classroom environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and learning by encouraging children to engage and explore their world through play while having fun. Children remind us that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Julie's other passions include her family, her dogs Augie and Wesley, being out in nature, practicing yoga, and teaching kids yoga. She also loves collecting heart-shaped rocks!


Ms. Kristy Hoffman

Kristy moved to Park City from Michigan in 1997.  As a former PCCP parent, board member, and substitute teacher she's very familiar with the school. She has also worked as a reading aide at Trailside and is very involved in the community as a member of the Park City Library Board, Live PC Give PC Coordinator, and EATS Volunteer.


After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology and have minors in Psychology and Marketing she did patient and family education for cardiac patients for many years. She's an avid runner, loves yoga and the outdoors.


In 2017 Kristy returned to PCCP as a teacher to share her love for learning with the children.